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DH - 2.7 Meter 9 Foot Sectional Polar Mount Satellite Dish, with Tuned Feedhorn

Special Performance Edition - Get 10 ft gain with 9 ft size


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Rainier Satellite Special Performance Edition.

  • 9 foot, 4 section satellite dish
  • 3.5 inch OD pole size Polor Mount, (pole not included)
  • Feed support struts
  • Special tuned Harvard Scientific C band ortho (dual port) Feedhorn, $129.00 value
  • Hardware
Pole, LNB's, and Actuator not included.

Get the signal in all weather with our high quality built 2.7 meter, Performance Edition 9 foot Spun Aluminum, 4 section Satellite Dish. Made in the U.S.A. by well known DH Antenna. Includes polar mount and ortho factory tuned C band feedhorn for maximum gain. Accurate 9 foot solid reflector with tuned feed offers gain of 10 foot mesh antenna's at a smaller size. More HOA and neighbor friendly. Detailed instructions included. Installation helpline phone support direct with DH included with your purchase.

Designed with 8 precision cut templates as ribs.

A computer controlled machine is used to manufacture the ribs allowing them to have the exact parabolic curve of the antenna. The 8 generated ribs, also referred to as templates, are secured to the antenna prior to cutting the antenna into 4 sections. The templates allow for the antenna to be re-assembled and perform as a 1 pc. Extensive testing has been done on this system and our data shows no difference from a 1pc to the 4pc. Templates hold the antenna in shape so you are assured of a perfect antenna each time.

Shipped via common shipping carrier for low shipping cost. As low as $300.00 depending on zip code.

Quality Packed and Shipped - Easy Assembly

The four sections are professionally packed and shipped. Each panel is professionally machined.

Each panel has colored numbered dots for easy perfect alignment assembly. This obtains a perfect parabolic shape for maximum gain.

Polar Mount

Connecting Sections

  • C Band Measured Gain @ 4 Ghz.: 39.6 db
  • KU Gain @ 12 Ghz.: 49.2 db
  • F/D: .33 - F/L 36"
  • 94 lbs
  • Hail resistant surface
  • Beamwidth (3.0 db) = 0.5 degrees (E-plane) 0.5 degrees (H-plane)
  • Beamwidth (10.0 db) = 0.9 degrees (E-plane) 0.9 degrees (H-plane)
  • First Sidelobe = 1.2 degrees
  • All Sidelobes > -26 db
  • Thickness: .090
  • Wind Force @ 60° @ 100 MPH: 3050 lbs.
  • 3.5" OD pipe required. 5.5" pipe mount optional. (extra cost)

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Watch the video by DH Antenna about their quality manufacturing process