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Rainier Satellite now makes it easy to add your local channels and get back the major networks that have scrambled or left your big dish or other provider recently. A special feature built in your D9865 receiver makes it simple and easy to combine them with your satellite delivered entertainment choices. All you need to do is add one of our high gain VHF / UHF OTA TV antenna's from Televes that work extra hard to lock those weak signals and keep them locked.

add local channels

free for life FREE for Life! Your LOCAL CHANNELS and Networks included with our antenna purchase.

Get the signal

Add the Best OTA antennas made to your Rainier D9865 receiver and get the best of both worlds. Add all those local channels you've been missing. Get your local News, Weather and Sports crystal clear with no extra monthly fees. With our high quality OTA antennas from Televes and a Rainier Satellite subscription for your Cable networks you can't lose.

Get back CBS, ABC, PBS, Ion, CW, and more without the need for expensive setups or extra OTA channel fees like with the compitition. Our OTA antennas connect to your D9865 receiver and offer a pass through mode when your not watching satellite.

Add our 9865 SMATV Multi Room Kit and get your local and our satellite channels to every TV in your house for a one time hardware charge.


Televes DATBOSS Mix LR UHF VHF Long Range Outdoor HDTV Antenna


Our price:   $ 275.99

Plus Shipping.

  • Filters out LTE signals.
  • High Gain Low Noise Preamp.
  • Works in both passive and amplified mode.

If the DATBOSS long range can't receive it, nothing can.

Long Range Model. Specially designed for quality reception of mixed High-VHF/UHF under extremely difficult reception conditions thanks to its design; optimizes the rejection of interference for a stronger cleaner HD signal. The smart amp adjusts levels on signals that are too strong or too weak for maximum reception and minimal signal noise. Great in Fringe area's where channels can be a chore to receive.

Key Features

• Design for extreme reception conditions with combined UHF and VHF reception up 75 miles
• More stable signal reception - it supports signal fluxuations or fading with no effect on reception
• Built-in BOSSTech amplifier increase boosts VHF gain by 36.5dBi and UHF by 46dBi
• Amplifier can be disabled to work in passive mode by not hooking up power supply
• Filters out LTE signals that can disrupt HDTV broadcasts

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Televes DATBOSS Mix UHF VHF Amplified Outdoor HDTV Antenna LTE Filter


Our price:   $ 199.99

Plus Shipping.

  • Filters out LTE signals.
  • High Gain Low Noise Preamp.
  • Works in both passive and amplified mode.

Same great Televes quality as our best antenna above.

The DATBOSS Mix is a smart antenna that combines big antenna power with cutting-edge technology for stable long distance HD reception. It's solid, compact design contains three Yagi antennas for high-gain reception.

The built-in amp is what boosts that signal, it filters out interference, and signal noise. It works in a wide variety of areas as it adjusts to difficult situations like weak signal areas and places where signal is too high . The smart amp adjusts levels on signals that are too strong or too weak for maximum reception and minimal signal noise.

Key Features

• Smart amplifier adjusts to overcome difficult reception areas where UHF and high-VHF signal is too weak or too strong
• Triple-beam construction uses the power of three yagi antennas in one design for strong 60 mile reception
• Low Noise 32dB amplifier provides more clean signal with less interference
• Manufactured in Europe to the most stringent quality controls
• Works in both active amplified mode, or passive mode, where power supply is by-passed

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OTA reception and channel availability can vary by location.

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9865 Multiple Room SMATV Kit


Our price:   $ 29.95

Plus Shipping.

  1. Sends 9865 Picture and Sound
    to multiple rooms through standard coax.
  2. TV Antenna input for SMATV mini cable operation.
  3. Low Loss High Isolation Design.

Turn your Home into a Mini Cable System.

You now can send your Rainier 9865 receivers output signal to multiple rooms, and have your local TV channels all in one coax just like cable does. Rainier makes this easy with a built in transmitter inside the D9865 and this kit. Watch Rainier in the bedroom while the wife watches her favorite local program on your big screen. In house wiring, additional coax and TV antenna required for full SMATV operation. Instructions included.

High Quality Low Loss components.

For use with our D9865D, H and B receivers.

For SMATV operation. A outside OTA TV antenna such as our Televes line (above) is required.
Additional coax required if no in house wiring is in place

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