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Easy Up Chimney mount for TV/FM Antenna

Comes with all necessary hardware to attach mount to a standard chimney.

24 and 36 inch straps available.

Easy Up has been the leader of antenna installation hardware for over 50 years. Instructions included.

$N/A + shipping. Order 24 inch straps. Item ID: EZU24 - OUT STOCK

$N/A + shipping. Order 36 inch straps. Item ID: EZU36 -OUT OF STOCK

5 foot Heavy Duty TV / FM Antenna Tripod

Five foot tripod mount lets you mount your antenna on roof peak to get maximum signal.

Tripod legs have holes for fastening to roof using bolts or lag screws (not included).

$N/A + shipping. Item ID: TR5FT - OUT OF STOCK

10 foot Heavy Duty TV / FM Antenna Tripod

10 foot tripod allows you that extra height needed to pull in those weak signals.

Conforms to roof peaks with installer frendly front facing feet 32" spread.

Mast is supported by 6 bolts.

Lag screws (not included)

30 lbs

Ships via freight only. Please call us for shipping cost and details.

$N/A + shipping. Item ID: TR10FT -OUT OF STOCK


16 Ga Galvanized antenna masts for TV/FM Antenna

16 gauge galvanized for long life.

5 FT Mast 1.25 Inch, 16 GA, Swedged.

10 FT Mast 1.25 Inch, 16 GA, Swedged.

$N/A + shipping. 5 foot. Item ID: MAST5 - OUT OF STOCK

$N/A + shipping. 10 foot. Item ID: MAST10 - OUT OF STOCK


RG6u 50 and 100 feet Coax Cable 75 ohm.

For TV antenna, cable TV audio/video, radio frequency and closed-circuit transmission applications.

Can be used indoors and outdoors for audio/video applications.


$N/A + shipping. 50 feet. Item ID: COAX50 - OUT OF STOCK

$N/A + shipping. 100 feet. Item ID: COAX100 - OUT OF STOCK


Eagle Aspen 2 and 4 way splitters

5-2600 MHz passband 2 or 4-way splitter

All-port power passing

Superior handling of CATV & off-air signals

$N/A + shipping. 2 way - 1x2. Item ID: SP1X2 - OUT OF STOCK


Outdoor Antenna Rotator with Remote

Set up to 12 TV for FM stations for automatic antenna positioning with the programmable memory

Infrared remote control allows you to fine tune your outdoor antenna easily from inside your home for a perfect picture

Digital display indicates preset and antenna position during operation

$N/A + shipping. Item ID: ARRMT - OUT OF STOCK

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