Exclusive C Band Subscription Programming Packages

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PowerVu Full Arc Platform (Cisco D9865H & B only)
All Rainier Channels are the Commercial Broadcast Master Feeds

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Lifeline Basic Package includes NFL Network HD, Mav TV HD, Z Living HD, Bloomberg HD, The Blaze HD, Newsmax HD, GSN, Ovation HD, Reelz HD & DMX Music. More being added soon. All for only $11.99 per month @ 2 Years

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Plus you get Freeview FTA channel access to over 200 channels all in one box absolutely free. (without a subscription)

$ 159.99
    One Year

$ 287.99
    Two Years


Basic Gold Package (add on for lifeline basic) Many alll time favorites included in this add on pack.


2017 Launch.

Gold +1

Gold Package +1 (add on for lifeline basic) Add more big name favorites with Gold +1.


2017 Launch.
NFL Redzone

NFL Networks Redzone HD Channel.
Full Season (Add On NFL Net Required)


CALL for more info.

Playboy HD

Add On (Lifeline Basic Required)
Only $15.99 a month. Annual term required.


$ 191.88
    One Year

WGN America HD
Expanded Basic

Add On (Lifeline Basic Required)
Only $1.66 a month. Annual term required.

$ 19.99
    One Year

Family Suite HD

Add On (Lifeline Basic Required)
Family oriented programming.


2017 Launch.

Selec Suite HD

Add On (Lifeline Basic Required)
Music, Comedy and other venues.


2017 Launch.

More channels to come for all packages!
CALL 509-486-4137 for more information.

All our channels require our D9865 receivers.

FreeView FTA Channels Included FREE with Receiver Purchase.
Get More Entertainment for Free!

The following is a small list of FreeView FTA channels available for free on c band satellite. These can be viewed in addition to our subscription channels. Only the Cisco / Rainier D9865H Commercial-Quality Satellite Receiver can receive both Subscription and FreeView FTA Channels all in one receiver. No extra FTA boxes are needed.


FreeView / FTA channels availability are subject to change or loss without notice.