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Cisco / Rainier D9865D
Commercial-Quality HD
High End Satellite Receiver

Designed with the latest Conditional Access Enhancements from the factory.

Our low price: $ 749.99
MSRP $1,249.99 You Save $500.00

Plus Shipping.
Programming Extra.

    2017 D9865D MODEL

  SAVE $500.00 off list Price.

 This unit supersedes the D9865H and D9865B legacy satellite receivers.

* New Firmware and Features
* High Definition Satellite Receiver
* 1440 lines of Ultimate HD Resolution
* Great for use with New 4K TV's
* Dual Ethernet Ports & RS 232 port gives additional features
* Capable of interfacing with future additional hardware that will be released

The Cisco/Rainier D9865D satellite receiver is our NEW 2017 Version Commercial-Quality HD Satellite Receiver. Redesigned and updated by Cisco for todays and future needs. It's all you will ever need to enjoy the Rainier Full View Arc Subscription Commercial-Quality Broadcast Master channels and, Free-to-Air DVB & DVB S2 channels on C and Ku band satellite. The ULTIMATE HD picture quality is razor sharp and breathtaking. (1080i, 720p, 480p & 480i supported) Its commercial quality insures Free-To-Air channels will come in without lag, shudder, lip-sync or other anomalies that plague low cost FTA consumer-only receivers. Subscription TV channels continue to be released by Rainier and this is the receiver needed to enjoy them all. Grab it today and experience HD Satellite TV as it was meant to be.

* 4 Receivers in One:

Receives Rainier Subscription Commercial Broadcast Master Channels.
Receives All Freeview FTA Channels on C and Ku band.
Will Receive Rainier CA-Plus Subscription Channels to be added in the future.
Capable of adding additional hardware coming in the future.

HD / SD, DVB S, DVB S2, Mpeg 2, and 4, QPSK, 8PSK compatible.

PowerVu Conditional Access Decoder built in. Optional cam slot included.*
* Conditional Acesss Cam Slot included for use of CA-Plus Advanced Signal Security (coming soon).

These D9865D receivers come pre authorized for the Rainier Satellite subscription pool, 3rd party D9865D non-Rainier-pool receivers cannot be authorized for our services. Receivers must be purchased directly from Rainier Satellite or authorized Rainier dealer for use with any subscription television reception.

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Cisco Rainier D9865D HD Satellite Receiver Order ITEM# RHD9865D
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D9865 Owners Manual Download

Rainier Ouick Tips (startup guide) Download

When purchasing our receiver please download the above manuals for operation and setup. If you or your technician are not up to the task of programming the receiver yourself, please order our Data Pre Load Service below with your receiver purchase.


D9865D Data Pre Load Service

Our price:   $ 74.99

Add on Service.

Get up and running fast with our turn-key solution for your new receiver. We pre load all the data needed to receive our channels in the receiver ahead of time. This allows you to start enjoying our channels without waiting as you learn and become familiar with the receivers operation. Those who wish to pass on this and program in the data by themselves please download our Ouick Tips (startup guide) here. There is an additional wait of up to 7 business days added to your order processing time for this service.

Data pre load is limited to channels list we offer at purchase time.

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D9865 Data Pre Load Service Order ITEM# PLS122


D9865D / D9865H / D9865B Optional Accessories

In need of a Dish Mover? Rainier Satellite is proud to announce the Ultimate Receiver / Mover Combo has arrived.

No more need for an old 4DTV or analog receiver to move your dish, Rainier Satellite now carries the Pansat AP-600 mover. This is one of the best bug free movers out there to date. It combines excellent with our Full Arc Platform and D9865 receiver for simple flawless dish movement.

You can read the review here

In Stock You can order yours here


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D9865 D / D9865H / D9865B Replacement / Second Remote Control

Our price:   $ 42.99

Plus Shipping.

Cisco Original Replacement IR Remote. Ideal for replacement or second remote.

In Stock.

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D9865 Second / Replacement Remote Order ITEM# RR9865


D9865D, D9865H, D9865B,

Universal UHF Remote RF Kit

Our price:   $ 64.95

Plus Shipping.

This Kit is the easiest way to add UHF RF to the 9865 or any remote. Use your existing 9865 or other remote through walls, doors, cabinets, etc.The secret RF transmitter is hidden in the battery compartment and takes the place of one battery while continuing to power the remote. 100 foot + UHF RF range

Note: The D9865 uses a special set of codes which will not work on UHF RF extenders seen elsewhere. We carry the proper unit for the D9865 and offer free tech support for it. Get if from the source... Get it from Rainier Satellite.

In Stock

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UHF Remote Extender Kit Order ITEM# NG433K


D9865H, D9865B, Universal UHF Remote RF Extra Transmitter

Our price:   $ 27.95

Plus Shipping.

Extra or Replacement transmitter for UHF Remote extender above.

In Stock

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Second RF Remote Transmitter Order ITEM# NG433T


The following is a small list of FreeView channels available for free on c band satellite. These can be viewed in addition to our subscription channels. Only the Cisco / Rainier D9865H Commercial-Quality Satellite Receiver can receive both Subscription and FreeView Channels all in one receiver. No need to spend extra for a FTA recceiver. This function is built into our 9865 receivers at NO EXTRA COST. A movable c band dish is required.


FreeView channels availability is subject to change or loss without notice.